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Getting the best performance from your Mulching Mower

Important tips when using the Mulching Facility on your Mulch and Catch Lawnmower 

> Always turn the engine off before fitting or removing the mulch plug – never attempt to clear a blocked grass chute while the engine is running. 

> For ideal grass mulching, raise the mower height to number four or five and only use the mulch facility in dry grass conditions. Don't try to remove too much grass in a single cut.

 > Successful grass mulching requires a lawn that is not overly damp or wet. Damp and sticky grass will block up your cutting area and mulching of the grass will not take place. An important note: mulching is only truly successful in the drier seasons when cutting drier grass. Mulching damp or wet grass can get messy, especially if you are trying to remove too much in a single cut. The grass needs to go somewhere and if taking off too much, combined with damp or wet conditions the result is unattractive. Your under chassis will be packed with grass sludge and will need constant cleaning.

> Grass must not be left too long between cuttings. For the average lawn under mulch cutting conditions, if the grass is cut to around 35mm following mowing, the grass should be re-cut when it reaches around 50mm. Stadium type grass should be cut-mulched between 40mm and 60mm. While this new mowing system takes some getting used to, user satisfaction is running near 100 percent for those who have made the switch to the more attractive longer look. If your grass is left to grow a bit longer than usual, say when you are unable to get onto the lawn to cut it, if you have a mulching AND catching Lawnmower we suggest using the catcher mode to remove the excess growth before swapping back to the mulch option.

> It is important that you do not cut more than 1/3 of the grass off during one single mowing.
If you've just returned from time away and the lawn is higher then usual, reset your mowing height so you do not cut more then 1/3 of the grass blade length per mow. After this "high" mowing, come back a few days later and cut again to get your grass down to its normal preferred cutting height. Cutting any more than one third of the grass blade and lower than 35mm will reduce the mulching ability and may leave ugly lumps and a layer of ground-up grass over your lawn surface. This not only looks horrible, it is bad for your lawn. Under these conditions you are better to choose the grass catcher option. 

> If you choose to use the mulching facility on your mower, you should cut your grass every 7 to 10 days instead of once a fortnight when using the grass catcher.

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