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How to use the Pillar Tools Grafting Tool

How to make graftings of fruit trees and vines – with Pillar Tools Omega-Cut Grafting Tool 

You can now quickly and easily create professional quality grafts. The clean cuts made by the Pillar Tools grafting tool allow you to get a perfect cut and fit, every time. This increases the likelihood of the graft 'taking', leading to much less wastage. The 2 in 1 tool contains both a pruner and a grafting guillotine. This allows you to first prepare the plants to be grafted, by trimming away excess leaves and twigs with the pruner scissors. Then using the special grafting guillotine by placing the grafting branch stock in the orange anvil groove, you can now make a perfect omega cut into the grafting stock.

Create precise grafts with ease

This tool allows you to quickly create omega style grafts. Even a novice can create perfect grafts with ease. The grafting blade is able to cut through stock up to 1.4 cm in diameter. Because the same blade is used on the root stock and scion, they will easily slot (male to female) together and form a perfect and tight bond. The clean cut and snug fit increases the likelihood of the graft 'taking'. For professionals this means less money lost to wastage on grafts that don't ‘take’. For the amateur it means the confidence to experiment with grafting, without the worry of mastering complex grafting techniques. Once joined, simply wrap the joint tightly with the optional cling film tape. Or wrap the joint with a small piece of kitchen cling film and re-wrap firmly over the cling film with a small piece of moisture resistant sticking tape. Your graft has now been completed. Plant out in your nursery.  

Trimming blades for grafting stock preparation

The grafting tool also has small trimming pruner blades. These can be used for preparing the grafting stock and scion. This allows you to work quickly without having to spend time swapping tools. Professionals will appreciate the speed and precision with which grafts can be made with this multi-tool.

Replaceable grafting blade

When grafting, creating a clean cut is imperative. That is why the grafting tool features a replaceable and reversible cutting blade. All three blade shapes with the tool are made from SK5 high carbon steel for increased strength and durability – but like any tool, with extensive use they will eventually lose their edge. When this happens, replacements can be bought in batches of 3 or 10 and easily swapped in. The tool includes 3 different shaped blades that can be reversed, doubling the cutting performance. It is a good idea to remove the orange plastic anvil and move it around to suit the different blade shapes (tools provided).

SK5 high carbon steel blades

Both the trimming pruner blades and grafting blades are made from Japanese SK5 high carbon steel. This means they will stay sharp for longer as well as resisting chipping and deformation. The pruner blades have been hard-chrome treated and the grafting cutters, black non-stick enameled, which gives them better resistance to rusting and gluing up with resin. To remove the grafting blade, undo the nyloc nut and large screw with the driver and spanner provided. Slide the cutter and carrier out through the top. Replace the new carrier by sliding back into position. Replace the screw, secure firm in conjunction with the nut. The blade can be reversed in the blade carrier for longer life.

Ergonomic handles

The grafting tool features ergonomic handles and a thumb operated locking device for comfort, while grafting and closing the tool down for storage.


To lubricate the moving parts, dismantle tool using driver and spanner provided. With a cotton bud, lubricate all moving parts and tracks. Use only Vaseline jelly. Do not use mineral based spray lubricants as this may kill your plants.

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