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How to choose the right BBQ

What's the most suitable BBQ for you?

BBQs come in a huge variety of sizes and qualities. What may initially look attractive in the shop can rapidly deteriorate once it's outside braving the elements. Like most other products, the higher the price, the better the quality. You are unlikely to receive something that you haven’t paid for.

Gas or Charcoal BBQs

In today’s world, gas has become the norm – unless you choose a kettle style designed for enclosed burning. Charcoal open burners commonly used during the summer months may no longer be authorised by local authorities. Fire bans during summer or periods of dry weather will preclude the use of charcoal BBQs in many areas. Unless you have a predisposition to charcoal or wood burner BBQ’s, we suggest the hassle free method is using a BBQ with gas. 

Standard Flat Top or Fully Hooded BBQ

If you have little room, need to pack away your BBQ after use or where portability is essential, a standard flat top BBQ is possibly your best choice. If you have a permanent place to set up your BBQ a fully hooded BBQ is well worth the extra cost. 

Hooded BBQ’s

Essentially, there are two types of hooded BBQs. Single skinned and double skinned. Although both types retain the heat for better heat control over your food, single skinned hoods act as a great big heat sink and can draw off a surprising amount of heat from your burners, slowing the cooking process and becoming very hot to the touch. We recommend double skinned hoods for the more serious BBQ user. Double skinned hoods act a little like double glazing on your windows. They lock a layer of air between the skins. The inside skin can become very hot and because of the air layer the heat isn’t transferred to the outer skin anything like the single skin. The outer skin stays warm to the touch, making it much safer to use. The temperature inside heats up faster and is more consistent to control.

For our extensive range of BBQs, click here. 

Stainless Steel, Vitreous Enamel or Powder-Coat

BBQ quality is pretty much in this order: Stainless Steel, Vitreous Enamel, or Powder-Coat. For a simple BBQ when you're not looking for a long-term investment, say for just one or maybe two seasons, then a painted powder-coat steel surface will be more than adequate. For a longer term investment, the more upmarket products are covered in black Vitreous Enamel with some possible aluminium components to make it look attractive. With a double skinned hood, this BBQ model can be all you need at an attractive price and give you several years of great entertaining. 

Stainless Steel

The most attractive look has to be the stainless steel look. However not all stainless steel is the same. There are the types that look great on the showroom floor with an attractive price tag, but these types will most likely tarnish quickly and rust. This will be dependant on the alloy content mixed into the steel. There are many different grades of stainless steel and different pricing to go with each grade. We recommend to always request from the store, the international formulation grade used on the stainless steel BBQ you intend to buy. If the store can’t tell you, you can assume it’s quality is not so good. Masport BBQ’s only use superior food grade 304 or 18/8 stainless steel. This has a higher 18% chromium and 8% nickel alloy content, with just .08% carbon content. 304 stainless steel is proven to be resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and is highly durable, which means it will not rust and resists staining and tarnishing. Bacteria cannot penetrate this grade,  – ideal for the great NZ outdoors!

 304 Stainless Steel is devoid of magnetic properties. Take a fridge magnet along with you when you’re choosing your next BBQ. If the magnet attaches itself to the surface, it will not be superior food grade 304 or 18/8 stainless steel.


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