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How to BBQ a rotisserie chicken

Rotisserie BBQ Chicken – Kiwi Style

What you need:
1 good sized Chicken
1 pkt of ready-to-mix stuffing
¼ cup fresh Rosemary leaves
1 orange (peel on - cut into quarters)
1 pkt onion soup mix
3 cloves NZ garlic, peeled, crushed, and chopped
½ cup tomato sauce
3 tbsp white vinegar
3 tbsp brown sugar
1 dspn worcestershire sauce
1 tspn ready-made mustard
¼ tspn dried basil
1 card of trussing skewers
1 length of parcel string/twine
1 small aluminium roasting dish
1 basting brush
1 food thermometer
1 pair heat-resistant gloves 
Salt to taste
Fresh ground pepper to taste 

Make up enough stuffing for one chicken, as per the packet instructions. Add Rosemary leaves to the mix. Cut off surplus skin from the neck area. Place two orange quarters into the chicken neck cavity. Fill body cavity with stuffing, then two orange quarters. Use skewers to truss up the chicken's back end so nothing can spill out. Skewer the wing tips across the body so they are secure. Feed the chicken onto the rotisserie bar, neck first. Make sure the first holding prongs are secure in a position to mount the chicken centred onto the BBQ. Push the second set of prongs hard into the chicken. Secure all wing-nuts tight. Now bind the leg tips to the rotisserie bar with string. Next, thoroughly mix balance of ingredients into a bowl ready for basting.

Test the rotisserie machine. Replace batteries if necessary. 

Run the BBQ burners until the hood temp is 155degC. Place the rotisserie bar complete with chicken into its position and start rotating.

Close down the centre burners. Place the aluminium tray under the chicken to catch the basting juices and fat.

With a basting brush, paint the surface of the chicken as it turns, taking care not to burn yourself. Try to slap on the mixture over every possible piece of flesh so that it has a chance to caramelise on the skin. Keep the hood shut as much as possible. Keep basting this every 20 – 30 minutes over the cooking period. Keep a close eye on the hood temperature – 140 - 150degC is ideal. Do not let temperature go above 160degC. Adjust outer burners to suit. Cooking time for an average chicken is 1hr 40min (2hr 15mins for two chickens). Inside temperature of chicken meat must be no less than 87degC to kill any harmful bacteria. Test with a meat thermometer.

If your BBQ has a rear burner. This can be used for the entire process or to brown up the last ten minutes of cooking.

Once cooked, remove and slide the chicken off the rotisserie bar onto a serving dish. Cut off the string and remove the skewers – and enjoy! 

 Wrap a small piece of aluminium foil around each wing tip to stop burning.

 Small pieces of broken ceramic tile at different heights of about 50 - 80mm can be used to hold the hood open to keep the temperature within from overheating and burning the chicken.

 For some extra zing, try adding ½ tspn of Tabasco Sauce to the basting mix.


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