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How to improve the health of your lawn

 Tips for a Great Looking Lawn

 ‘Dethatching’ is the miracle cure for a tired, sad looking lawn, and here’s what to do:

  1. Select a notch down from your normal cutting height on your Lawnmower. Mow your lawn at this level in preparation for the next process – dethatching and/or scarifying.
  2. You can dethatch your existing lawn with a simple Dethatching tool. Set it to cut down to around 5mm ground penetration. This allows vital oxygen and sunlight into the root system, as well as allowing water to soak in and new seeds to germinate.
  3. Re-mow your lawn at the same lower level.
  4. Now you can carry out normal lawn maintenance with lawn fertilizer, pumice sanding and re-seeding – you’ll be amazed how quickly your lawn will start looking great!
  5. If your Lawnmower is tired like your lawn, take a look at our Lawnmower range.
  6. Using a proprietary selective broad leaf lawn spray will slowly kill off most ‘weeds’ so you will end up with the perfect lawn.
  7. Manual dethatching is hard work, so a good idea is to do the lawn progressively over several mows block by block.
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