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How to wise up on standards for safety helmets

Safety Helmets
(Source: Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment)

> All safety helmets should comply with the requirements of NZS5806:1980 specification for industrial safety helmets (medium protection) or better.

> Safety helmets shall be worn at all times by all persons in or about an arboricultural operation.

> Machine operators who are fully protected by a certified protective structure and restrained by a certified seatbelt need not wear helmets. However, should the operator cease to be fully protected by the canopy, a safety helmet should be worn.

> Safety helmets should be brightly coloured or hi-vis.

> Helmets should be inspected before use and removed from service if signs of excessive wear or damage are found, otherwise helmets shall be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer. 

> Helmets should not be stored in a place where they are exposed to direct sunlight. Paints, petrol, oil or solvents should not be applied to helmets, as they can cause deterioration. 

> All safety helmets should have a chin strap to prevent accidental loss or removal while working aloft.

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