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How to COMPOST – useful links

Scroll down to view a host of useful composting links to get you started – from making your own compost bin, Auckland Council incentives for composting and how to get started with your own Worm Farm.

For helpful composting information and how-to videos go to www.wikihow.com. 

For advice on composting, making a compost tumbler or compost bin from waste materials, useful gardening tips and ways to reduce landfill volumes, visit the following links:

How to make a compost bin out of old wooden pallets >>

How to make a home made compost tumbler from an old plastic drum >>

Building a compost bin at home and best tips for it's use >>

Auckland City Council programme for waste reduction, recycling and composting  >>

Auckland City Council incentives for composting >>

Berrysmith home waste collection programme >>

Worm farms >>

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