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Getting the best from your Masport mower

Here's how to get the best out of your Masport Lawnmower, but firstly we recommend to always read and understand the Operating and Safety Manual issued with your Masport Lawnmower.

> Smart-Chute
Smart Chute is an ingenious idea created and patented by Masport. It allows the operator to open up a hinged portion of the rear flap prior to tackling heavy grass conditions when there is no need for a grass collector. There is no need to purchase a separate side chute add-on. Smart Chute is not only designed with the corner lift-flap, it also has a 'hump' design allowing the operator to mow flap-down. In dry conditions this position has a mulching effect on the grass. It's a big bonus for when you need a quick mow over, while still obtaining a neat tidy job. Masport has a true 3 ’n 1 – Mulch, Catch and Side-Throw Lawnmower.

> Mulching
Mulching means less work – your Lawnmower will be lighter to push without stopping to empty a heavy catcher. Mulching is Masport’s way of giving you free fertilizer and moisture retention for your lawn. How does Masport Turbo-Mulch mulch the grass? With the Lawnmower engine turned off, slot the Mulch Plug into the rear chute discharge hole. For best results, adjust the cutting height to cut approximately one third off the top of the presented grass leaf. The Masport Quad-Cut blade system has been specially designed to cut the grass into very fine particles and turbo-cycle the grass. This, in conjunction with the uniquely designed Masport Mulch Plug, forces the particles back down into the grass stubble. The result is a neat and tidy grass cut, with a slightly longer shag-pile look – all with little mess and an all-round better looking lawn.

 For best results, Mulch in drier conditions.  

> Quad-Cut Blade
Why four blades? Masport engineers have designed a special Turbo Quad-Cut Disc fitted with four flail style blades. This allows twice as many cuts per forward movement which gives a superb finish. With the high velocity turbo effect on the cut grass, the Turbo Quad-Cut Disc fills every grass-catcher jam packed with grass, with less blockages, while enabling the superb Mulching result of a fitted Mulch Plug.

> Chipper-Chute
This brilliant add-on has been designed to take the hassle out of removing unsightly twigs and branches hanging over or on your lawn. While carrying out your lawnmowing, live twigs and branches of up to 25mm diameter can simply be snapped off and pushed down into the Chipper-Chute – all chipped up into the grass catcher ready to dump into your compost pile. Your Masport Lawnmower with Chipper–Chute option can also be used as a stand-alone mobile chipping/shredding machine to rid your property of unsightly prunings and branches without the need to own a separate chipper.  

> Over-Edge ‘Mo-Zone’  
All Masport cast aluminium Lawnmowers are designed with Masport’s exclusive Mo-Zone feature. This allows the operator to cut over the edge of the garden or up to a wall for a neat job in one mow. You will be less likely to need a line-trimmer with your new Masport including Mo-Zone.

> Cyclo-Wash
Masport engineers have moulded an easy-clean Cyclo-Wash port into every Masport cast aluminium Lawnmower. Please read the operating safety instructions. After finishing the lawn cutting, stop the engine and remove the catcher. Raise the height to high. Restart the engine, and set the engine speed at full throttle. Apply the garden hose at full pressure into the Cyclo-Wash port and allow the high speed turbo blades to do the cleaning – it’s that simple.

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