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How to save power – energy saving tips from EECA

Top 14 Energy Saving Tips for the Home or Business (EECA 2008) 

Typically, the cheapest and easiest action you can make in your home or business is to save energy. All the energy saving actions are usually free to initiate as they are behavioural, so you don’t need to buy anything new, or they may only cost you a little, in terms of dollars or behavioural changes. EECA New Zealand suggest the following methods for saving power as being the most effective in level of dollars saved versus dollars spent.

  • Minimise the use of your clothes drier – instead use the clothes line or an airing/drying rack – or even hang to partially dry before putting into the clothes drier
  • Switching off a second fridge or freezer
  • Washing clothes in a cold wash
  • Fixing a dripping hot tap and LAG all hot water pipes
  • Boil the kettle with only the amount of water needed
  • Switch off the heated towel rail
  • Swap to CFLs bulbs instead of conventional bulbs
  • Fit a hot water cylinder wrap for insulation and reduction of heat loss from your hot water cylinder
  • Install a low flow shower head
  • Reduce drafts from doors and windows with easy fit seals
  • Use a clean air approved and “NES” or “ECAN” approved woodfire for household heating
  • Install under floor and ceiling insulation
  • Use a heat pump for space heating rather than conventional fan/bar/oil heaters
  • Install an approved Solar Water Heating system
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