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Problems starting a Generator or Water Blaster?

We recommend a Generator or Waterblaster to be started up regularly, used for a good period of time and on a regular basis to minimise the potential of hard starting hassles of infrequent use.

A good idea is to ensure your Generator has a fuel stabilizing agent added to the fuel tank to improve the fuel shelf-life and reduce the hard "start-up" related to stale fuel. Stale fuel can be a real inconvenience when needing to start your generator, especially in an emergency situation when it is urgently needed, so regular starting to "turn fuel over" can help.  

  • Add a fuel stabilizer to your fuel.
  • Regularly start and run your generator, for at least 20 minutes every few weeks to turn over fuel.
  • Where possible use FRESH petrol.
  • We recommend you do not use a fuel that is a BIO-Fuel blend (eg. E85, ethanol or methanol blends).
  • When you have finished using your Generator it is good practice to turn off the fuel tap and run the engine carburettor completely out of fuel.
  • Make sure you always turn off your Generator WITH NO LOAD – ie. nothing plugged in to it, as this can damage the AVR units.
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