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Water Pumps

Water pumps are used for the transfer and pumping of water for drainage, irrigation, fire fighting, flood control and so on. There are Transfer Pumps for moving clean water from one place to another, as well as Trash Pumps for moving water with debris, such as flood material. You also need to consider (1) hose size (2) suction head (3) total head (4) hose material and type – as these all affect pump performance.

PUMP SIZES         A water pump needs to match the size of the job, taking into account the volume of water needed to move, what size hoses you want to use and how quickly the job needs to be done.

WATER QUALITY If moving clean water from one place to another (eg. emptying a pool), then a Transfer Pump is ideal. If pumping sludge and flood debris then a Trash Pump is ideal.

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What is pump suction head?

Suction head is the term used to describe the vertical distance from the water pump inlet down to the surface of the water that the inlet hose is drawing from.

What is pump total head?

Total head is the suction head plus the vertical rise from the water outlet on the pump to the hose discharge end.

Can a water pump be allowed to run dry?

No, most pumps cannot be run dry and it is important not to start the pump without some water in the pump housing as the impellors can seize up. Although, there are some diaphragm style pumps which can run dry.

Can you have a one inch hose on a two inch pump?

As a general rule, you must always have the inlet size and outlet size equal. Also, match the hoses with the pump's actual inlet and outlet specifications to avoid cavitation or overheating.

Can I use a lay flat style fire hose for an inlet hose?

No, the inlet hose must be rigid otherwise it will collapse down and restrict the flow of water causing damage to the pump.

Can I use a lay flat style fire hose for the outlet hose?

Yes, absolutely. This type of hose is commonly used where you may need to move the pump or hose. It can also be easily rolled up for transportation or storage.

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