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Heat Transfer Systems

For more effective home heating a Heat Transfer System can be used with a primary heat source (Wood Fire) to distribute the heat around your home. You can reduce your home heating costs by getting the maximum value out of every kilowatt of energy.

SAVE ON POWER Maximise the effectiveness of the heat from your wood fire, or other primary heat source, to heat other rooms in your house with ease via a ducted system.

FULLY AUTOMATIC Single room or multi-room systems are available, all easily installed and controlled by a thermostat to maximise the effectiveness of the Transfer Kit.

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How can I get a Heat Transfer System installed?

A Heat Transfer System can be purchased from Wright's and installed by a registered electrician with ease. Please Contact Us if you require more information.

Does a Heat Transfer System work in all house styles?

Not all house styles are suited to a Heat Transfer System. If you have a flat ceiling and a roof space for the ducting pipes they can generally be installed easily by a registered electrician. If you are unsure, please Contact Us.

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