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Replacement engines are available to fit a huge range of powered equipment machinery types.

HORIZONTAL SHAFT Engines to fit pumps, generators, water blasters, rotary hoes, concrete mixers, shredders, commercial machines etc where the engine shaft is horizontal. From tiny 26cc engines right up to V-Twin 35hp

VERTICAL SHAFT    4 stroke engines to fit a number of applications with vertical shafts - eg to fit lawnmowers or rider lawnmowers. From 3hp to 25hp in either OHV or traditional design side valve.

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Are there different shaft sizes or types?

Yes there are – in vertical shaft engines there are two main shaft diameters as well as shaft length variations to suit different Lawnmower applications. For horizontal shaft engines there are general purpose shafts, different taper shafts for some Pumps and Generators and flush shafts as well as PTO shafts. Some engines can also come with a geared reduction box to suit some manufacturers RPM requirements (eg. 2:1 or 6:1 reductions). Contact Us with your Lawnmower or machinery brand and shaft measurement specifications so we can help.

Can I buy a new 4 stroke engine to fit my existing Lawnmower?

Yes, in most cases you can – check which engine model you have first. Please Contact Us if you are not sure. 

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