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Electric Wet and Dry Vacuums

At Wright’s we sell and service the high-end quality range of industrial STIHL Wet and Dry Vacuums. With the STIHL Wet and Dry Vacuum's impressive 3200 L/min air flow you will get a serious clean-up without serious noise. The STIHL SE series of Vacuums feature a quiet, powerful motor. While operating at only 62 dB(A) with 27% better suction than earlier machines and a larger 30 litre capacity canister, the SE series can handle just about anything your jobsite can throw at it. When work gets messy, this Vacuum picks up just about anything a Vacuum is designed to collect.

DRY VACUUM        Vacuums for use in a workshop, school, warehouse or in commercial building applications – for high volume dust removal, such as plasterers.

WET VACUUM       For picking up of wet debris, water, flood debris, and spills. Also good for cleaning out guttering, sinks or sumps.

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Will the STIHL Wet and Dry Vacuum transition from one type of surface to another?

The STIHL SE Vacuum series features a universal wet/dry suction head and foot-activated depth control so you can switch from wet to dry surfaces seamlessly without needing to change the filter.

How many different attachment tools come with the STIHL Wet and Dry Vacuum?

Three cleanup tools are included. A universal tool, crevice tool and adjustable floor tool – all are easily stored in a self-contained tool keeper so they’re always at hand when you need them.

How long is the suction hose and electrical lead on the STIHL Wet and Dry Vacuum?

The STIHL Wet and Dry Vacuum comes standard with a 3 metre suction hose and a 7.5 metre electrical cord, so you can out-manoeuvre your mess with ease.

On the STIHL Wet and Dry Vacuum, how good are the filters on plaster or very fine dust?

The STIHL Multiple Filter System is the best engineered in it's class. The built-in automatic filter cleaning system makes maintenance fast and easy. Just lock the suction inlet, turn on the machine and the filter cleans itself. The Vacuum’s filter cartridges are washable, making them more hygienic, economical and kinder to the environment. However, using any Vacuum to remove extra fine particles will always be a challenge. When using the STIHL Wet and Dry Vacuum for sucking up extra fine particles, cleaning of the filter system must be done at short, regular intervals to stop air-flow reduction and over-heating of the machine.

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