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Wheeled Outdoor Vacuums

With a wheeled Vacuum you have a powerful suction system with easy, large-wheeled operation and maneuverability. This makes for quick clean-up of leaves, seeds, mulch, blooms, branches, litter and debris. The 685mm wide vacuum foot is ideal for residential and light commercial property maintenance. Due to it's size and configuration, the wheeled Vacuums have strong suction, simple operation and a reliable design – making outdoor vacuum clean-up a breeze. An optional hose kit (as shown below) helps to get between shrubs, beds and under decks or utilities. The Billy Goat Wheeled Vacuums have the option of a self-propelled model to make it easier to operate on steep or large areas. 

VACUUMING          Ideal for larger areas and/or larger volumes of material to collect, such as around large properties, schools, carparks, car yards, supermarkets, commercial properties, warehouses, and long driveways. 

VACUUM HOSE      For many of the larger wheeled outdoor vacuums, such as the Billy Goat KV series machines there is an optional hand-held vacuum hose for getting into tighter areas.

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Are self-driven wheeled outdoor vacuums available?

Yes, the high quality Billy Goat brand have several self-driven machines. The Billy Goat TKV650SPH is not only self-driven but also has a chipper chute for chipping larger sticks and branches.

Do wheeled outdoor vacuums pick up material other than leaves?

Yes, they are often used commercially in large carparks and reserves to collect fine dusty material, paper, rubbish, plastic bags, drink cans, plastic bottles and so on.

How long is the hose on the optional on-board hose kit?

The hose is 2.5 metres long. Ideal for cleaning between shrubs, under decks, window wells, utilities and other hard to reach areas. Most buyers of wheeled outdoor vacuums have requested their machines to come complete with hose kits because they are so handy and work so well.

Can I increase the length of the attachment hose?

Yes, couplers and additional hose lengths are available but extending the length will reduce suction by as much as 25%. Please note: extending the hose will make it more difficult to carry the hose on-board the machine. Unless you have a particular requirement we do not recommend the extra extension. 

How well does the wheeled outdoor vacuum shred leaves?

Yes, it shreds leaves very well indeed. The result does vary depending on several factors such as leaf size, moisture content in the leaves, and leaf thickness. Tinder dry Oak or Liquid Amber type leaves turn to virtual dust when vacuumed up, however, wet leathery magnolia leaves may only reduce by a 2:1 ratio. As a general rule, you can expect an average of 3:1-5:1 reduction in most leaf shredding.

Will the wheeled outdoor vacuum pick up glass bottles?

Yes it will — glass bottles of up to 350ml and most 330ml drink and small food cans, all with no damage to your vacuum. The reinforced heavy-duty impeller has been designed for this type of work. The powerful suction makes clean-up a breeze for leaves, seeds, mulch, blooms, branches, general litter and most debris.

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