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Leaf Blower Vacuums

Garden or yard leaf blower-vacuums can be used in either blowing mode or in vacuum mode to blow away or collect the debris in a bag. The material goes up the vacuum tube, through the impellor fan & into a bag. The material is broken up as it passes through the fan. Some machines have a "shredder" blade fitted to the fan to help reduce the material even further, or to protect the fan if you pick up a twig or stick. 

BLOWING                When blowing the machine acts as an air broom to move garden debris, leaves, grass clippings & rubbish etc so you no longer need to use the broom. Great for getting into tight corners or under seats or tables.

VACUUMING           When vacuuming, for efficiency, it is recommended to first use the blower to concentrate all of your material out in the open, or into piles, then convert the blower-vacuum to vacuum mode & collect & bag the debris or leaves.

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How hard is it to change from Blower mode to Vacuum, and back again?

Actually, it's pretty straight forward. The superior quality of Blowers and Vacuums sold by Wright's have bayonet click-together fittings or lock-ring secure fittings. In less than a minute, the blower tube can be removed and fitted with the vacuum tube and collection bag. Our Blowers and Vacuums also have metal shredder fingers fitted to the impeller to shred the leaves by up to 12:1. Now you have good FREE material for your compost.

Do Garden Blower Vacuums pick up stones?

Generally they won't, because of the density of stones.

Would I really use a Vac attachment?

Most people will never use the Vac attachment. This type of machine is designed primarily as a Blower. However if you own a pool or live close to neighbours, only blowing the leaves may be a nuisance. A quick change to the Vac and Bag attachment make these machines incredibly versatile. In the Vac mode these machines can reduce the leaves by shredding them through the impeller of up to 12:1. Now you have good FREE material for composting.

Can I pick up stones or acorns with using the Vacuum mode?

Generally they won't. Any aerodynamic shaped object with a little weight density will be hard to vac up. These machines with the Vac attachment fitted are primarily designed to pick up and shred dead leaves.

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