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Leaf Blowers

A garden Leaf Blower is the number one tool for clearing away fallen leaves from your property, and especially useful for after-lawnmowing tidying. Available as a hand-held or back-pack powered unit, Leaf Blowers are great for covering large areas in a short amount of time – removing the need to use your broom. 

HAND HELD LEAF BLOWERS             Hand-held garden Leaf Blowers are the most popular. Available in petrol, battery or electric powered, they can be used on all types of garden debris.

BACK PACK LEAF BLOWERS             More powerful commercial & semi-commercial back-pack Leaf Blowers cover greater areas in shorter time, more efficiently and effectively with increased power and blowing volume.

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Can you fit a vacuum attachment and bag to the Blower?

In a good number of cases you can – it would be best to check before buying a Blower whether it can take a vacuum kit.

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