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Combi Multi-Fit Tools

Multi-fit combi system tools are becoming increasingly popular. The benefit of one single motor unit powerhead, with a choice of various attachment tools suits many users. 

POWERHEADS      Powerhead engines come in a range of sizes from smaller domestic through to heavy-duty commercial engines – with a good number of options with 2-stroke engine, plus an option of the HONDA 4-stroke

ATTACHMENTS      Multi-fit attachments include long-reach hedge trimmer, chainsaw pole pruner, leaf blower, rotary tiller, lawn edger, grass trimmer, brush cutter, rotary sweeper head, extension shafts and more.

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Is an extension pole available with a multi-fit tool?

Yes, the ECHO PAS range, the STIHL KM series and the HONDA EZI tool all have extension shafts available to increase your cutting or trimming height range.

Can I fit attachments from different brands to a power head?

Generally there are very little interchangeability between the fixtures, shafts and drive systems of various brands of power heads and attachments. It's advisable to stick with one brand of powerhead and attachments.

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