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Scrub Cutters

Scrub Cutters are more heavy-duty than Brush Cutters and are capable of cutting serious-sized woody branches or scruby material such as gorse or manuka. With a saw blade fitted you can also cut through branches with ease.

SAW BLADES       There is a range of saw blade types for scrub cutting – including scrub blades, tungten toothed scratcher blades similar to blades on a powerfull mitre saw, or even ones with chainsaw teeth.

BRUSH KNIFE          A three-tooth brush knife-blade is extremely versatile and popular with cutting a mixture of material from overgrown paddock grass and weeds right through to blackberry type jungle and vine.

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What type of blade is the best to have?

It is best to have a range of blades if you have several material types to cut. For thicker material a saw blade is best, which can generally be sharpened by a saw doctor. For vine-like material, blackberry, cutty grass and so on a brush knife is best.

What size scrub can be cut?

It really depends on the power of the machine. For units of around 30-40cc you can cut up to 30-50mm of woody material. For larger material use a machine like the ECHO SRM510U or STIHL FS460 or FS560 to cut 60mm or bigger.

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