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Brush Cutters

Brush Cutters are more heavy-duty machines than line trimmers and are STRAIGHT shafted with (mostly) solid drive shafts. They are blade capable and some can even be fitted with other attachments such as hedge trimmers (long reach) or chainsaw pruners. 

Are better suited for trimming and edging work as the handle configuration allows greater operator comfort and movement of the machine, in a safe and efficient way. Most loop handle machines are 20-35cc sized engines.

Better suited for mowing of larger, open areas with a blade cutting attachment or a nylon mowing head. With the bull-bar style handles you will have better control when mowing banks or around trees and obstacles.

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Can I fit thicker, more durable nylon to my Brushcutter?

More durable or better quality, yes. Thicker nylon generally no. The nylon size must match the kWatt output of the machine. Nylon that is too long or too thick creates excessive drag and slows down the engine rpm, and therefore the cutting speed. This can cause over-heating of the clutch (if fitted) and permanent damage to the machine. We only recommend using USA manufactured nylon. 

Why do I always have trouble with my nylon breaking?

The four main causes of breaking nylon:
1. Poor quality or age hardened nylon. 
2. Nylon is being abraded by concrete, fences or dirt and breaking off. 
3. Nylon is not wound on correctly. 
4. Not releasing nylon often enough. This will cause the nylon to ‘weld’ off at the feral and pop inside the spool. Tap often to release more nylon.

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