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Line Trimmers

Line Trimmers or Weedeaters use a nylon cutting line for trimming around your lawn and garden edges after mowing. They can even trim underneath your shrubs or trampoline, by using a BENT SHAFT with a flexi-cable drive. 

NYLON CUTTING   Special ‘cutting nylon’ is used by most bent-shaft trimmers to trim grass along edges and around trees. It is essential to buy the correct size machine for the task. Don't just use thicker nylon on a lower powered machine.

MOWING HEADS    There are a small number of polycut or mowing heads available to fit the bent shaft Line Trimmers – used for a more aggressive cutting action on nothing heavier than grass or weeds.

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Which is better - petrol or electric power?

That depends entirely on the job – petrol powered trimmers have far more power and are more durable than electric units. However the new 36v Lithium Ion battery powered units have about the same cutting capability as a small petrol powered unit. 

Why do I always have trouble with my nylon breaking?

The four main causes of breaking nylon:
1. Poor quality or age hardened nylon. 
2. Nylon is being abraded by concrete, fences or dirt and breaking off. 
3. Nylon is not wound on correctly. 
4. Not releasing nylon often enough. This will cause the nylon to ‘weld’ off at the feral and pop inside the spool. Tap often to release more nylon.

Can I fit a thicker, more durable nylon to my trimmer?

More durable or better quality, yes. Thicker nylon generally no. The nylon size must match the kWatt output of the machine. Nylon that is too long or too thick creates excessive drag and slows down the engine rpm, and therefore the cutting speed. This can cause over-heating of the clutch (if fitted) and permanent damage to the machine. We only recommend using USA manufactured nylon. 

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