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Water Blasters / Pressure Washers

For a climatic area such as New Zealand, with huge seasonal weather variations, a Water Blaster is now an essential tool for maintaining your home or yard. Water Blaster's are also a fast effective way to clean vehicles, boats, 4WDs, and motorbikes. 

ELECTRIC POWER Electric water blasters generally range from approximately 1500-2000psi. They are extremely convenient & easy to use & require little servicing, but suit shorter periods of use.

PETROL POWERED Petrol powered units can be used for longer periods of time & are not restricted by access to power. They are generally 2000-3000psi for home or semi-commercial units, or even more for fully commercial machines.

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How much power do you need for a domestic house water blaster?

Most electric water blasters for home use will be around 1500-1900psi. This is generally enough for most domestic house jobs, but using your water blaster in conjuction with a cleaning chemical (eg 30 Seconds, Bleach etc) can make the job easier. http://www.buywright.co.nz/waterblasters.html

We are on tanked water - is this a problem?

Potentially it might be - water flow is the key. So long as you can supply adequate water for the machine to run safely you will be fine with a good gravity feed flow. As a rule add 50% extra to your water blasters "liters per minute" flow to ensure good supply.

Can you adjust the pressure?

Yes on many machines, but certainly not all. Check before buying. See our range - http://www.buywright.co.nz/waterblasters.html

What about accessories & attachments?

There is possibly the following accessories available (depending on which brand or model you have) - drain cleaner kits, extension lances, extension hoses, rotary turbo nozzles, rotary cleaning brushes, patio cleaner heads, range of nozzles etc.

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