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Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

High reaching Hedge Trimmers are available in petrol or electric powered machines, with a small number of battery operated options for smaller domestic jobs. For taller hedges and ease of trimming across the top, a high reaching Hedge Trimmer with adjustable cutting angle head is available. 

CUTTING ANGLE    To adjust the cutting angle simply click the head position to a new angle to allow the cutter blades easier access to the hedge being cut. You can also adjust the head to cut across the tops of your hedge.

CUTTING HEIGHT    For low hedges you should use a traditional hand-held hedge cutter. For higher hedge cutting, rather than using ladders or scaffolding, a high reach Hedge Trimmer is more suitable.

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What sort of angle adjustment range is there?

Most machines are available with at least 0 - 90 degrees range of adjustment, but many also have in addition to 0 - 90 degrees, 0 - 45 degrees the opposite way so the total range of adjustment is 135 degrees. http://www.buywright.co.nz/hedgetrimmerpetrol.html

What sort of cutting height can you get to?

With a traditional long reach unit or combi unit you have a machine which is approximately 2m long, so you can generally cut to a vertical height of a little over 3m with ease. Many of the combi system machines (eg STIHL or ECHO) also have available extension shafts which can add in an extra 1m to your height.

Can I get a hedge cutting attachment to fit my straight shaft brush cutter machine?

Yes there is a number of machines that will take a hedge cutter attachment so you have the versatility of using your existing brush cutter as a long reach hedge trimmer. Some Echo, Stihl & Honda brush cutters can fit an attachment. See our range - http://www.buywright.co.nz/combisystems.html

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