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Oils & Lubricants

It is very important to make sure that you use the correct specification of 2 cycle oil in your chainsaw or other 2 stroke product. Always check your owners manuals for the correct specification & avoid using low priced, low quality oils - especially at lean mixing ratios.

Chain bar lubricant is less brand specific, but still important to use a genuine chain bar lube with the sticky adherant agent, otherwise most of your oil will simply flick off the end of the bar.

Getting the mixing ratio correct is absolutely essential. Remember a 25:1 ratio is not 25mls of oil per litre – it is a ratio – ie. 1 part of oil per 25 parts of fuel. This equates to 40mls per litre.

The old days of using any old oil are over. With demand feed economy flow oilers, like STIHL E-Matic, which use more precise amounts of oil this is not possible any more. Use only new, clean, genuine chain bar lubricant.

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Can I use outboard oil in my chainsaw or weedeater?

Definately not. An outboard is water cooled, while all chainsaws, hedge trimmers, weedeaters etc are air cooled engines. There is a major difference in cooling methods & the lubricating properties of the oil & different engine running speeds. Only use an approved air cooled engine 2 cycle oil.

Is there a bio-degradeable type of bar lube I can use?

Yes there is. STIHL manufacture a chain bar lube called BIO-PLUS which is 100% bio-degradeable. I'm sure you can imagine the quantity of mineral bar lube that simply gets left in the soil.

Is the brand of my 2 stroke oil important?

Yes, it's very important. We always recommend using the manufacturer's warranty specified oil in each specific brand of machine, and there may be a degree of interchangability – although not all oils will be suitable for all machines. 

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