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Electric & Battery Hedge Trimmers

Electric or battery powered Hedge Trimmers are extremely convenient not only for the fact they require no fuel or oil, they also require very little in the way of servicing – no need for spark plugs, filters, fuel system overhauls and so on. Another advantage if the machine is used infrequently, is removing the problem of stale gas, as problems occur if stale gas is left inside machinery for long periods of time. 

BATTERY POWER With the latest generation Lithium-Ion batteries, there is better power delivery from quality powertools & greater battery "durability" & charge life. We recommend at least 36volt power for hedge trimming.

ELECTRIC POWER Simply plug in & go. No need for battery or petrol, but be careful to restrict yourself to no more than approx 25m worth of extension lead to avoid voltage drop. Great for small hedges & short use periods.

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I want to use an electric Hedge Trimmer with a lead longer than 25m?

This is not recommended. For every metre past 25m you get an ever increasing percentage voltage drop – this results in over-heating of the electric motor and possibly burning out the armature. Only use heavy-duty outdoor leads, up to 25-30m maximum and restrict use to 1/2 an hour at a time.

Can I get my Hedge Trimmer sharpened?

Yes, most reasonable quality hedge trimmers can be sharpened up - but the cheaper DIY store units generally cant be sharpened as they only have "pressed" blades, which cannot be sharpened. If there is an "edge" on the blade tooth it can be sharpened up.

Do the cutters need any lubrication?

Yes, you need, not only an oily lubricant, but also a penetrating or cleaning agent to prevent gum or sap build up as well. Commonly used lubricants are - diesel fuel, INOX, Lanoline spray, WD40, or even an oily petrol/oil mix will work.

How long with a battery charge last?

That will depend on which voltage you get & what brand. The better quality machines, such as STIHL, have 2 battery options in 36v for standard use & extended charge. See our range - http://www.buywright.co.nz/hedgetrimmerelec.html

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