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Hedge Trimmers – Petrol

Petrol powered Hedge Trimmers have greater portability than electric machines, and more cutting power than battery powered machines. 

DOMESTIC USE      For domestic use we recommend purchasing a quality machine that has a good quality gear box drive, and cutter blades that are precision ground. Blade length will depend on hedge height.

COMMERCIAL USE For the industrial or commercial applications, longer cutter blades and higher engine output will be needed. Pivoting rear handles enable multiple cutting positions.

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Is it possible to cut left or right handed?

Many models of machine are able to be used left or right handed as they have a pivoting rear handle system for multiple operating positions. 

Can the blades be sharpened?

Yes, most reasonable quality Hedge Trimmers can be sharpened – but many of the cheaper DIY store units have "pressed" blades which cannot be sharpened. A good indicator is if the blade tooth has an "edge" it can be sharpened.

Do the cutters need any lubrication?

Yes, you not only need an oily lubricant, but also a penetrating or cleaning agent to prevent gum or sap build-up as well. Commonly used lubricants are: Diesel fuel, INOX, lanoline spray, WD40, or even an oily petrol/oil mix will work. The gearboxes also need lubrication – always use a GEARBOX grease, not a general purpose grease.

Does the gear drive need topping up?

Yes, use a GEAR BOX grease, not a general purpose grease as general purpose grease will simply heat up and fling to the inside casing of the gear box and won't lube the actual gears. Gear box grease has a gear oil and grease mix.

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