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Post-Hole Borers

Petrol powered Post-Hole Borers are available as one or two person operated units. Smaller, compact units for drilling holes of up to 250mm can usually be handled by one operator. For drilling larger holes and using larger auger sizes, for example 300mm or greater, a twin handle machine is needed.

AUGER SIZES        Most Post-Hole Borers are around 30-35cc and will run up to 200mm augers (8"), which is a good general purpose auger size. For the larger powered units of approximately 50cc, augers of up to 250mm can be used.

The most common mistake with Post-Hole Borers is winding the auger into the ground like a corkscrew. You should only drill a small amount and remove the debris, then drill again.

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Are 4-stroke or 2-stroke machines better?

That is a personal choice – the motive power isn't really much different between similar sized 2-stroke engines versus 4-stroke engines. Although, there is more choice available of 2-stroke machines. Our top brands of 2-stroke machines are STIHL, Makita, Oleo Mac, and Echo. For a top quality 4-stroke machine we recommend Honda.

I have an old set of augers and want to buy a new motor unit – will my old augers fit?

Quite possibly, but there is a range of shaft sizes. It would be best to check before choosing your new unit.

What if I encounter obstructions in the earth while using my Post-Hole Borer?

HANG ON TIGHT!  If you do hit anything, for safety sake we would suggest purchasing a machine with a safety brake disengage lever on it, otherwise you can potentially hurt yourself. One such machine is the STIHL BT121C. 

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