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Engine Drills

Petrol powered engine drills are great for drilling through wood, ice, and other such hard surfaces. They can also be used with a planting auger attachment for drilling holes into soil for planting small plants and trees. 

DRILLING WOOD  For your next building or landscaping project, long auger attachments in a range of diameters can be used for drilling into wood. An extremely useful tool for fencing, retaining walls and deck-building.

DRILLING SOIL    Several engine drills can be converted to fit small earth augers – ideal for plant holes. Simply fit the planting handle, auger chuck and an appropriate planting auger (up to 5").

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Can I fit extensions to the augers?

Unfortunately no, as it may end up damaging the unit. Standard drilling augers are usually up to 500mm long, which is large enough for most projects.

Can I use my other drill bits in the engine drill?

Yes, certainly – as long as they suit the chuck size.

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