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Compactors and Rammers

COMPACTORS      For paving, concrete contracting, drainage contracting & landscapers, plus for the hire industry. Compact builders mix & GAP compounds, soil, sand, and gravel with ease.

TAMPER RAMMER For tamping & ramming in tight trenches & narrow drainage ditches or channels. The smaller foot is designed to give maximum ramming force concentrated in a small foot print.

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Are there different sized plate compactors or rammers?

Yes, compactors are usually rated by their weight – as the weight gets bigger so too does the compacting plate size. 

Can you hire a plate compactor or rammer?

Yes, most people will hire a compactor or rammer if it is a one-off job, but for continued use by commercial users, landscapers, pavers, concrete and drainage contractors it doesn't make economic sense to hire them.

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