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Concrete Cutters

Concrete Cutters, otherwise known as 'Cut-Quicks', are an essential machine for the construction industry, demolition, drainage and concrete contractors, pavers and civil defence. They are capable of cutting concrete, ashphalt, bricks, steel, paving, car-wrecking or rescue work. 


WHAT TO CUT?    Concrete Cutters or Cut-Quicks, will cut not only concrete, but ashphalt, steel, demolition materials, car bodies, tiles, paving, concrete pipes and concrete slabs.

CLEAN AIR           The biggest service issue with Concrete Cutters can be filters. By the nature of the material cut, there can be an enormous amount of fine abrasive dust being vacuumed into the engine, so clean filters are essential.

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Is wet or dry cutting best?

That would depend on the type of material you are cutting. Wet cutting dramatically reduces dust volumes and is a great option when concrete cutting. However, make sure you clean your saw afterwards as concrete dust plus water equals concrete, which then coats everything and hardens. Most saws already come with or can have a water kit added. The STIHL TS500i has an electronically controlled water flow system. 

Can you cut steel with a Concrete Cutter?

Yes, but you will need a different compound blade used specifically for steel cutting. These are used for cutting reinforcing rod, or even car wrecking or as "rescue saws."

Will all diamond or abrasive blades fit all brands of machines?

No, not all. Check your arbor hole size as different manufacturers can use different hole sizes for the blades, and they can vary from 20-25mm.

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