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Spraying Equipment

The perfect solution for controlling weeds, insect pests and plant diseases – in both domestic or commercial applications. 

SPRAYERS           For professional or farm use, or for the home horticulturalist, sprayers come in a range of useful types – including small handheld, back-pack, wheeled battery powered and towable commercial machines.

MISTBLOWERS    For serious crop, horticultural and tree spraying or pest control, a motorised mist blower can cover large areas and spray high volumes in a short time.

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What protective clothing should I wear?

With sprayers, the more cover you use the better. Full length clothing should be a must, with all exposed skin covered to avoid any contact from spray drift. Chemical resistant gloves should be worn, a spray mask with a filter, plus eye protection and face protection.

Why did my sprayer work well last time I used it, but now it won't pump up any pressure?

This is a common issue when using sprayers. When you finish spraying, it is recommended to empty out left-over sprays in an appropriate manner and not to store them within the sprayer. If left, this will accelarate deterioration of the sprayer components, diaphragms and seals. You must also thoroughly flush out your sprayer when finished, including the nozzles, hoses and hand piece.

Can I get a sprayer to tow behind my Rider mower?

Yes, the INEX brand (made in Palmerston North) can be easily towed behind a Rider mower. 

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