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Safety – Face and Head Protection

The best protection while using motorised power equipment, in addition to wearing Ear Muffs is to wear a face visor. These are ideal when using brush cutting equipment, Chainsaws or Rider mowers. Many property owners or forestry workers use safety helmets with face visors already included. 

FACE VISORS          A steel mesh visor will give additional protection to the eyes, as well as face protection. It is best not to rely on just safety specs or visors alone – use them in conjunction with each other.

SAFETY HELMETS Safety helmets should not only be used solely by forestry workers, we recommend a suitable helmet for users of general chainsaw work around the home, farm or lifestyle block as well.

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Can I get a replacement visor?

Yes, visors can be replaced for certain brands of visor or helmet assemblies. The current models from Peltor, Oregon and STIHL all have replacement visors, ear muffs and holders. Please Contact Us if you would like to purchase one.

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