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Safety – Eye Protection

Safety glasses / safety specs or goggles are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment to have in your safety kit. All operators of power tools, power equipment, lawnmowers and shredders should make the wearing of safety glasses a top priority. We recommend using safety glasses in conjunction with a protective face visor, especially when using machines that have a tendency to flick-up potentially harmful debris – such as brushcutters, chainsaws, grinders or shredders.


SAFETY SPECS      For eye protection use impact resistant safety approved safety glasses or specs. Check the safety standard certification, only use AS/NZS 1337.1.2010 or European Certified standards.

REPLACEMENT        If your safety glasses or specs sustain any heavy impact, it is better to replace them, rather than risk using them in a potentially dangerous state. Don't risk your sight!

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Are there specific specs for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, many outdoor safety glasses or specs will be tinted for sunlight protection, have a mirror finish or can even be polarized. Indoor safety glasses or specs will generally have a clear lens.

Why do my safety goggles constantly fog up?

Some full goggles are an "anti-fog" style, which have a vent for reducing fogging. Most fogging is caused by breath being directed up into the goggles, so it's best to check your specs or goggles are fitted correctly.

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