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Safety – Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is something that should not be taken lightly. Gone are the days of the "she'll be right" attitude. It is well proven that even limited exposure to high levels of noise can be damaging to your hearing – and often permanently. 

An interesting test is to download the free "SOUNDMETER" App for your smart phone, and you will be surprised at the level of noise in your home or workplace.


EAR GUARDS      Use ear guards or muffs when using any power tool, lawnmower, outdoor equipment or machinery. Any noise over 70dBA can be potentially harmful. Check the noise level of your machinery.

BEST FIT          Hearing protection must not only reduce the d(BA) rating but must also be comfortable, otherwise you are less inclined to wear hearing protection. It's best to try on before you buy.

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Are all ear muffs the same?

No, certainly not. The better the quality the better the protection. The old measure for ear muffs was a grading system, which is now pretty much obsolete – most ear muffs are now rated by the decibel "reduction". The louder the machinery, or the longer you use that machinery, or are exposed to loud noise the greater reduction of d(BA) you will need. Browse our range at www.buywright.co.nz/safety.html 

Are all decibel ratings measured the same?

No, be aware of confusing labelling on some machinery – operator noise level and ambient noise levels are measured differently. Ambient noise is measured 7m away, whereas operator noise is measured at 1m distance. It is important to know the difference when choosing the correct ear protection.

Can you get ear guards to fit visors and eye protection too?

Yes, STIHL or PELTOR have several ear protector options that can fit safety face visors, as well as eye protection. 

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