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With the increased popularity of having a home vegetable patch the best way to get rid of your garden waste and debris from your shredders, mulchers, prunings, and lawnmowing has to be a composting system to produce your own FREE garden mulch and ready to use compost. Why pay for bagged compost from a Garden Centre, when you can easily make your own. Many local councils run their own composting programmes – just check with your local council for a composting brochure, programme info or council rebate.

COMPOST BINS Simple to use compost bins can be purchased cheaply at most hardware stores or garden centres. They are easy to assemble and simple to use. Or why not make your own? What a great way to reduce landfill volumes!

REDUCE WASTE Don't take your green waste to the tip. Don't bag your vegetable waste or feed it down the garbage disposal – Compost it. Return the nutrients to the soil and grow your own fruit and vegetables.

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