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Rotary Hoes & Tillers

Rotary Hoes and Tillers are certainly back on the radar as an important tool to have for the home gardener, or for the more serious gardener or horticultural block owner. In the past, growing your own vegetables and produce was something only your grandparents did, but it's now more popular than ever. Not only is it a way to cut down costs on your food bill, but growing organically at your own home means you no longer need to worry about chemicals or treatments which may be applied to store bought produce.

VEGETABLES      Grow your own produce at home for next to nothing. With the increased cost of supermarket produce, the desire to eat healthy and consume "fresh & safe" produce, a home garden is essential.

COMMERCIAL    There's a comprehensive range of heavy-duty commercially suitable Tillers and Rotary Hoes, for use on the farm and lifestyle block, or hire company and horticultural users.

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Why won't my Rotary Hoe start?

A common cause of hard starting on Rotary Hoes and Tillers is stale fuel. We recommend when you are finished using your Rotary Hoe or Tiller, since it is unlikely to get used again for a while, is to completely run it out of fuel and leave no fuel residue in the fuel tank or fuel system. 

What is best – front or rear Tyne's?

That really depends on the type of garden you have. A front-mounted tyne system is great for manoueverability, whereas rear tyne Tillers have the ability to break up more compact soils. For bigger areas a wider tyne Rotary Hoe would be better, but a compact Tiller is better around established plants. 

Do any Rotary Hoes or Tillers come with powered wheels?

Yes, some of the larger machines have forward gears and in some cases reverse as well.

Do any Rotary Hoes or Tillers come with other attachments?

Yes, the Masport Home Gardener comes with an edger, a concrete cleaning brush and a soil aerator as well. 


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