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Safety – Chainsaw CHAPS

Chainsaw safety trousers and chaps are a non-negotiable piece of safety attire when using a Chainsaw, petrol-powered Hedge Trimmer or even large Brush Cutters. They offer cut resistance for even the higher powered Chainsaws and users of all types – around the home with the hobby chainsaw, or for the seasoned forestry professional.

SAFETY CHAPS Chainsaw safety chaps are designed to protect the full leg length on the front, most exposed part of the operator's limbs. Chaps can fit directly over the top of the operator's existing clothing.

SAFETY TROUSERS Are made of the same protective material inside a pair of chaps, but are a "full" trouser design. These are more popular with the arborist user, especially when involved in tree climbing work.

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Are there different sizes of chaps and trousers?

Yes, the safety trousers need to be sized just like buying a pair of trousers from a menswear shop, but chaps are much easier. They have an adjustable waist belt, with several leg length variations – usually short, medium, tall. Allow a bit extra to tuck into your safety boot.

If I cut into my chaps can they still be used or repaired?

Minor cuts that are limited to the outer material and NOT the inner protective material can be patched up and all will be OK, but any substantial damage makes the chaps unsafe to continue to use. If unsure check with your chainsaw specialist retailer and they can generally be sent to the manufacturer for evaluation. ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) hold, in conjunction with STIHL, a chainsaw safety week each year during the month of May. This is also the most economical time of year to buy safety chaps, in a safety kit including ear muffs. For more information click here.

Do I have to provide safety chaps for my staff?

Yes, absolutely – you must either directly provide approved safety chaps or trousers for your staff, or provide them with an allowance to buy their own safety equipment. You must still ensure that they not only have the equipment, but they use it aswell. Contact ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) for more details. 

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