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Chainsaws – Power Pruners

Power pruners are high reaching, usually telescopic adjustable length, chainsaw pruning tools for trimming high branches without having to use scaffolding or ladders. This means greater safety and comfort for the operator, plus greater cutting height from the comfort of the ground.

POWER PRUNERS Fixed or telescopic shaft options on mostly petrol powered machines, along with 1 or 2 electric or battery-powered home units. Capable of trimming branches up to 6m from the ground without ladders.

ATTACHMENTS   Some power pruners have additional cutting attachments that can be fitted - adjustable angle hedge-trimming attachments, extension poles for greater height, saw blade attachments for foliage trimming.

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Can I adjust the height on a power pruner?

Yes, the STIHL or Echo petrol-powered power pruners can be adjusted in height from fully collapsed at around 2 metres, up to just under 4 metres fully extended. 

Are power pruners very heavy to operate?

When operated more vertically than horizontally they are far more manageable from a weight point of view. Fully extended and operated straight out horizontally is pretty hard work. The STIHL HT 75 offers an excellent HT harness designed specifically to take the weight off and improve operator comfort.

What about electric powered machines?

For small jobs close to a power point there are several electric powered units available, although their length cannot be adjusted. 

Can I buy a power pruner with a hedge trimmer attachment?

The Echo PPT power pruners can fit an extension pole or an adjustable angle hedge-trimming attachment. The Echo HCAA2402 is perfect for the job.

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