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Chainsaws – Electric & Battery

Electric and battery powered chainsaws have the advantage of not requiring any fuel or fuel mixing. There is also far less servicing required – no spark plugs, filters, fuel lines, carbrettor overhauls and so on. Electric chainsaws are convenient to just plug in and use, and battery powered units encompass the added advantage of portability.

ELECTRIC SAWS Plug-in electric chainsaws use an extension lead to provide power. They are great for trimming or building projects and cutting small amounts of fire wood.

BATTERY SAWS The latest generation of Lithium Ion battery powered chainsaws allow portability and convenience all in one. A simple battery charging process is capable of a 36 volt capacity.

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Are electric or battery saws more powerful than petrol chainsaws?

No, they have much less power than an average sized petrol chainsaw. They are comparable to a small petrol saw with the added advantage of using no petrol or petrol oil mixes.

Does an electric or battery saw have the same safety features that a petrol saw would have?

Yes, they will have all of the same safety features – especially the safety chain brake mechanism, chain catcher system and so on.

In the past, weren't rechargeable batteries under-powered and less durable?

Yes, that is correct. In the past (or even in the present, for many lower quality brands) the battery technology just wasn't very good. With the latest generation 36v Lithium ION technology the battery performance is much better, lighter and more durable than in the past, along with faster recharge times.

Can I use a battery powered chainsaw indoors?

Yes, there are no emissions from an exhaust, so a battery powered saw, or plug in electric saw is suitable for indoor applications.

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