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Log Splitters

Log Splitters are becoming incredibly popular in preparation of your seasonal fire wood requirements – for the home, farm, or lifestyle block owner. Log Splitters are available in a range of sizes, splitting capacity, and a choice of either electric powered or petrol powered.

ELECTRIC         Electric Log Splitters are simple to operate and have a splitting capacity of around 4 ton to 8 ton hydraulic ram capability. The anvil size and tonage capability will dictate what sized logs you can split.

PETROL SPLITTERS Have the advantage of portability – most are towable, and as they are petrol powered you are not restricted by the need for electricity. They also have a higher capacity tonnage and can split larger sized logs.

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What is more powerful – petrol or electric Log Splitters?

The petrol powered units can handle much larger log sizes – they will have from 15 ton ram capacity upwards, with many around 25-35 ton. Electric machines have a ram capacity of 4-8 ton pressure, which is enough for smaller log splitting for the small to medium sized woodfire. 

What is "cycle time"?

Cycle time is the time taken for the hydraulic splitting ram to travel one complete splitting cycle – all the way out and all the way back. The faster the cycle time the quicker you can split your wood, but you can always slot in a block of wood in front of the ram to reduce the need for it to travel the full distance – this will reduce your cycle time and have your wood split faster.

Can I split across the grain?

No, definately not. The splitting action must be in line with the wood grain. Log Splitters don't cut like an axe – they split like a wedge and won't go across the grain or through knotty wood. The most common cause of bent rams is trying to split wood with knots in it.

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