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Generators – Residential Standby

Residential Standby Generators deliver uninterrupted power to your home or business. They can be set up for auto-start capability and hardwired to your switch-box to automatically start up and switch power supply to and from the mains with the use of an auto-transfer switch. These are commonly known as the 'Armchair' Generator – if the power goes off, you don't even have to get up out of your chair.

HOME BACKUP  Home standby units are available in a range of fuel types – petrol, diesel or LPG to run on bottled gas just like your BBQ. LPG KOHLER units are a stand-alone fully enclosed weatherproof compartment.

BUSINESS BACKUP Standby units for business need to be big enough to run everything you require in your business when there is a power outage. Always allow extra kVA capacity for extended outages.

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Can all Generators be connected to your switch box?

No, only certain Generators can be directly connected to your switch box. Firstly, you will need to make sure you have an electric start generator. It will need to have inbuilt autostart capability or converted to autostart if not fitted. You will also need to have an ATS Auto-Transfer Switch wired in to isolate your Generator from your wiring.

If my Generator doesn't have autostart capability can it be easily converted?

Most electric start diesel Generators can be converted relatively easily, but few petrol powered units will have an auto-choke to allow this. You can have an auto-start conversion kit made up by a specialist tradesperson. Contact us for more details sales@wrightsoutdoor.co.nz

Can I run on bottled LPG gas?

Yes, the KOHLER residential units run on LPG bottled gas. These are specifically set up to run on this fuel, but can also be converted to run on mains supplied natural gas as well.

What is more efficient – LPG or natural gas?

LPG is definately more efficient and has higher kVA output for the same sized engine, compared to natural gas.

Who can install a residential standby Generator?

Any suitably qualified electrician should be able to install one with ease. The LPG powered units like the KOHLER come with a suitable gas regulator to fit direct to your LPG bottle, whereas the natural gas powered units require a gas fitter to connect them.

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