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Pruning Loppers

Hand-held Pruning Loppers are a great tool for the home shed or professional tool kit – for seasonal pruning, tidying up, assisting in hedge-trimming or horticultural uses. Pruning Loppers are available in a range of cutting blade types, for a range of different branch sizes. Extension poles are also available for pruning high, hard to reach branches.

HAND PRUNING LOPPERS             Ideal for all pruning jobs where the user is at ground level, on trees, shrubs, vines and so on. There are anvil or bypass blade types for different materials.

HIGH REACHING POLE LOPPERS  Lopper cutting tools can be fitted to telescopic extension poles for high pruning and hard to reach branches. Much safer tree care without the need for a ladder.

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Can Loppers be sharpened?

Yes, any quality pair of Loppers are capable of being sharpened. Some of the better brands of anvil style Loppers also have replacement anvil plates, such as Wolfgarten. 

What about ratchet style Loppers?

There are a number of ratchet style Loppers available on the market – but take care, as there is a high frequency of these getting broken due to jamming when you get a bit over-zealous and try to cut something too big.

Why should I avoid round handles?

Round, pipe-like handles are nowhere near as strong as oval handles. Round metal pipe handles can easily bend or break under high compression. All commercial grade loppers use oval style handles.

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