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Lawn Mowing

To get the best out of your lawn care equipment we recommend purchasing only quality brands of Lawnmowers and Riders, plus ensuring regular servicing and maintenance.

The quality of the cut on your lawn is dependant on the quality of your Lawnmower, and how you maintain your equipment. See below for helpful tips on servicing and selection.

Most Lawnmowers come with a catcher for collecting the grass once it is cut – giving a consistent result during all seasons. Plus the grass can be removed for composting or dumping.

Mulching can save time, encourage healthier lawns and reduce summertime moisture loss. There is now a good range of Combo Lawnmowers capable of catching and mulching.

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What does a mulching Lawnmower do?

A mulching Lawnmower is designed to cut the grass up several more times than average and blow it back down into the lawn. This helps maintain moisture levels, reduce clippings, decrease lawnmowing time and promote better lawn health.

Will mulching make my grass grow faster?

No, mulching won't necessarily make your grass grow any faster, but it will make it grow more healthy and more evenly, plus reduce waste and help prevent weed growth.

Will alloy Lawnmowers last longer than steel Lawnmowers?

Yes, absolutely. A steel Lawnmower is made to a price break, not a durability grade. While alloy Lawnmowers are corrossion resistant and will last considerably longer.

Is a self-driven Lawnmower a good option?

Self-driven, or self-propelled Lawnmowers are popular with lawn and garden contractors and owners of larger lawns, or where some drive assistance is required. They are powered by gear box or belt drive, and are simple to engage and drive. A self-drive Lawnmower is better where the lawn can be accessed easily, as they can be difficult to manoeuvre around tight corners and closed-in spaces.

How often should I get my Lawnmower serviced?

Under a normal mowing regime we would suggest approximately every 12-18 months for a seasonal service, but more frequently if you mow a larger lawn. The engine oil should be changed every 25-30 hours.

What is the ideal grass length?

Cutting grass very short, is a bad New Zealand habit, the result is damaged turf, the inability to control weeds and daisies, and especially in hot and dry weather can burn your lawn. It is recommended that you cut no more than the top third of the grass blade at each mowing, usually before the grass reaches three inches tall. The shag-pile longer look reflects a better and more attractive lawn you can be proud of. This is especially necessary when mulching your grass. Grass cut to less than 25mm has difficulty in protecting itself from natural elements that can cause root deterioration.

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