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Pruning Secateurs

There is a huge spectrum of quality in hand-held pruning Secateurs – from low quality, cheap throw-aways, right up to professional viticultural pruning tools. You can generally trust the European or Japanese brand labels such as ARS, Pillar Tools, Berger, WOLF, Lowe, and Bacho.

By-Pass blades cut more accurately and precisely, ideal for intricate pruning like rose pruning. Anvil blades are a better cutting action for more woody growth, such as woody lavender.

Check the comfort of your pruning secateurs before buying them - you will have to make continuous, repeated cutting action with your hand, so it is essential they feel right & are comfortable.

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Can Secateurs be sharpened at home?

Yes, by all means if you have the right degree of expertise Secateurs can be sharpened at home. Although, if you are not sure of what you're doing Secateur blades can easily be ruined. For a truly professional sharpen bring them straight into Wright's or Contact Us.

Do pruning Secateurs need lubrication?

Yes, regular lubing at the pivot point is highly recommended. Plus, using a spray lube on the cutters (such as INOX) is great for reducing sap build up.

What is the advantage of a pivoting or roll handle?

A roll handle allows a smoother cutting action with less force required, making it easier to get through woody branches. A roll handle is also perfect for smaller hands or if you have less hand strength.

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