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Pruning Saws

There are a huge range of pruning saws available, including folding saws, sheath saws, long reach pole saws for higher branches, plus specialist arborist tree surgery saws.

Folding saws come in a huge range of sizes from small ones that fit in the palm of your hand up to larger 360mm blade, serious pruning saws. They all fold like a knife for easy, safe "slip in your back pocket" convenience.

Sheath saws are straight blades with a scabbard cover. This type of saw is far more rigid in the handle and range in size from 240mm to 500mm blades. These specialised, high quality saws are often called "silent chainsaws".

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What size saw is ideal?

Generally the blade length will need to be big enough for the cutting job, plus factoring in the cutting action movement of the saw, plus reach. As a rule, get a blade that is at least 2.5 times the size of the branches you wish to cut.

Are there different blade types to choose from?

There are a range of cutting blade types and tooth sizes to suit different cutting applications and branch sizes – including fine, medium and coarse, bamboo cutting blades etc. Blade quality also needs to be considered. Triple ground blades hold their sharpness and cut, and clear far more efficiently. Pressed or stamped out blades will not do as good a job, or last as long as precision ground multi-level teeth.  

Can pruning saw blades be sharpened?

The better quality blades, on brands such as SILKY, have a diamond file available to maintain the cutting edge.

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